Teaching Writing in the Post-Blogging Era

What we lost

1. Trying to get people to read your blog

2. Apologies for not posting

3. The blogosphere:

replaced by the Zuckersphere.

And of course

4. periodic posts

….replaced by endless Twitter threads:

What took the place of blogs?

  • More blogs
  • Microblogs: Twitter, Facebook
  • Photoblogs: Instagram
  • Audioblogs: Podcasts
  • Videoblogs: vlogs, I mean, YouTube


Course Sites

Or Assignments

And presentation-ware

That’s a shot from this presentation

But Medium does not include:

  • The reverse chronological commitment
  • A blogroll
  • Control over layout and style
  • Easy theming of content
  • A sense of site ownership (& potential tool for branding…)
  • Any sense of security (site might go down tomorrow…ulp!)

What blogging still offers

The WIC Pager app for iphone.

Best Blog Teaching Practices IMO

  • Students choose their own topics
  • Regular writing: once a week or more often
  • Not scrutinized: at least not graded like essays.
  • Blogging buddies: assign students to read and present each other
  • Once a semester students are presented by another student
  • Blogs are public (even with pseudonyms): keep this writing in the public eye.
  • Emphasize old-school practices: especially frequent linking
  • When blogs are graded as paper, include more strict specifications

Hidden Curriculum:

And now for something practical:

A blog reading activity:

A Fact-Idea List

Alternatives to Blogger, Platishers, and CMS:

Okay, but enough about blogging, what else do ya got? ????— Audience Member at this presentation

Other Tools & Techniques for 21st Century writing instruction

22 Short Films about Grammar

Chain of Dependencies: a heuristic

Zotero for Group Evaluation of Sources

Topoi Glider

Love Letter Generator

Scholarship in the Internet Vernacular, featuring:

Katie Manthey’s Tumblr challenging sartorial norms


Online Collaborative Improvised Writing

The voluntary healing of necessary relationships — Rob Wittig

  • play roles.
  • write to prompts
  • interact with each other
  • build on each other’s readings
  • solve problems collaboratively

LA FLood Project

Netprovs are platformagasmic!

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Vanilla Forums
  • Google Groups

Behind Your Bak

Behind Your Bak




writer/researcher of emerging digital writing forms. Prof of Writing @ USC, Dir. of Com. for ELO, Dir. of HaCCS Lab

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Mark C. Marino

Mark C. Marino

writer/researcher of emerging digital writing forms. Prof of Writing @ USC, Dir. of Com. for ELO, Dir. of HaCCS Lab

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