Dangerous Pedagogy: Preoccupied Prewriting (Part 2)

Here I demonstrate just how absent-minded my dishwashing can be. Needs some soap!


Preoccupied Prewriting Part II

Student Comments and photos:

I was sad that she labeled herself as “ugly,” but I know this was self-deprecating

In narrowing my focus down to quarantine with school in mind, I not only thought of a bog topic through therapeutically going through my frustrations, but I thought of a blog to write about that links coronavirus to USC to my general blog-topic.

….And if you really, really break it down, I may have needed to be having the wrong or inappropriate kind of thoughts in order to have corrected my area of focus to where I ended up.

I love the “almost made” bed

Preoccupied prewriting works because it allows us to take advantage of our natural tendencies. When we try to think about something, our minds wander. So what if we put our mind on something else.

I think we are so good at sitting down to do one task and immediately diverting our attention to some other thing that might occupy our time. So if I was to sit and try to write something I’d probably go run away and fold my laundry or find new music or scroll through my socials. So this activity kind of worked in reverse. Instead of procrastinating my writing by doing some other monotonous task, I procrastinated the tedious activity by working on my writing.

I think just sitting and trying to think of ideas puts a lot more pressure on me because if that’s all I’m doing, I want to be able to come up with as many strong ideas as I can and if I can’t, then I become frustrated with myself and beat myself up over it.



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