Dangerous Pedagogy: Preoccupied Prewriting (part 3): “Ugh! Taxes!”

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my mind wanders again

The Exercise: Preoccupied Writing III

In the previous Preoccupied Prewriting, you tried to do some mundane task to see what ideas came to you. But often ideas come to use while we’re avoiding other work. In fact, I get more writing ideas when I’m sitting down to do a task I don’t want to do than when I sit down just to work on writing. So let’s see if we can harness that.


Here are some samples of student experiences, and feedback.


Oh, and Workstudy Seth. Though I thought I was wasting time, others found it inspiring, most importantly my writing partner of 10 years, Rob Wittig, with whom I’ve gone on to develop a new form of writing for procreatinators like me, called netprov, and we engage in it especially when we ought to be doing other things, like taxes!

The Dangerous Pedagogy series:



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Mark C. Marino

Mark C. Marino

writer/researcher of emerging digital writing forms. Prof of Writing @ USC, Dir. of Com. for ELO, Dir. of HaCCS Lab