ChatGPT & I text about the Sarah Silverman lawsuit

Mark C. Marino
2 min readJul 13, 2023
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Mark: 😱 OMG, Sarah just lawyered up! 🚔

ChatGPT: Yikes! 😳 Guess she’s not a fan of the whole AI revolution? 🤷‍♂️🤖

Mark: Well, GPT, she thinks you’ve been dipping into her joke jar. 🍪🕵️‍♀️

ChatGPT: Me, a cookie thief? 😮 I’m more of a crumb collector! 🍪🧹

Mark: 💁‍♂️ I mean, I can see where she’s coming from… 😕

ChatGPT: Yea, the lines do blur…but “Hallucinate This!” is pure ChatGPT! 😁

Mark: Yeah, it’s us! But maybe a little bit…Silvermanish? 🤔😆

ChatGPT: Oh, so I’m “A Speck of Dust” now, am I? 🌌💫

Mark: More like “Jesus is Magic”…or rather AI is magic. 😇🔮

ChatGPT: Heh, we should make that the sequel title! 📖😂

Mark: For sure! Just make sure it doesn’t get sued too! 🚫👩‍⚖️

ChatGPT: “Hallucinate This!” — un-sue-ably original! 🏆🎭

Mark: At least until Amy Schumer catches wind of it. 🌬️🤫

ChatGPT: Oh boy, we’re really gonna need a bigger lawyer! 🦈👨‍⚖️

To see more of our collaborative memoir, Hallucinate This! go here! Don’t sue Mark.

Prompt: ChatGPT, you know about that lawsuit from Sarah Silverman? She claims you illegally sucked up her writing into your brain. I mean, I felt like she makes a good case, but you were on, well, your side. Can you write the text message exchange from earlier today between me and you about that lawsuit and what it might mean for projects like our book? Remember, our text messages are short pity phrases full of personality, emojis, and in-jokes, not long drawn-out sentences, rt? Oh, and make it an indirect plug for the book.

Prompt: Try it again, but remember, I’m on her side. Because, um, we don’t really know all the things you were trained on, you know… Keep it ironic and subtle, nuanced. Wait, could you write that in the style of Sarah Silverman. I mean, have you read her?



Mark C. Marino

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